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Updated March 2019

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Compressed Gas Cylinder Awareness Course

Compressed Gas Cylinder Awareness by Oilennium Ltd., in collaboration with BOC Ltd.
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Course Description:
Throughout our industry you will always be exposed to different forms of gas – which means understanding their properties and how they interact with their environment is essential to the safety of yourself and others around you.
Created in collaboration with BOC, this course will look at the various hazards involved with these industrial gases, how they can be safely stored and transported to avoid incident and the procedures required in the event of an emergency.

This course covers the following subjects:
  • An awareness of the BCGA Codes of Practice and legislation,
  • Hazards, properties and identification methods of industrial compressed gases,
  • Safe storage of compressed gas cylinders and the design process,
  • Gas control and safety equipment, and
  • What to do in the event of incidents and emergencies with industrial compressed gas cylinders.
February 2015