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Updated March 2019

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International Well Control Forum Training Programmes

The International Well Control Forum, in co-operation with Oilennium, has produced an eLearning programme to give learners knowledge and understanding of the processes which take place during the well life cycle.

IWCF has launched a “Level 1” awareness course which focuses on the life-cycle of a well, with particular emphasis on well control. This course is the first free online based course aimed at personnel who have secondary involvement in well operations, for example office based staff or third parties who are involved with rig evacuations.


Following recommendations from the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) after the Macondo tragedy, this course supports IWCFs drive to increase understanding of how well control events can occur, their consequences and prevention methods.

Level 1 training modules include:

  • A brief history of Oil and Gas
  • The life-cycle of a well
  • Drilling rigs
  • Well control during drilling and well control
  • Well intervention and work-over
  • Well control during intervention

Click here to visit the International Well Control Forum's Level 1 Programme Website


IWCF Training Programme

IWCF Level 1 Awareness

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