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Updated March 2019

Specialist Oil & Gas training courses from Oil & Gas experts


ConTrainer™ - Remote Learning Management System

Remote eLearning delivered by


Oilennium’s ConTrainer™ brings
high quality, tracked, eLearning
courses to:

  • Semi-Subs
  • Jack-Ups
  • Supply Vessels
  • Seismic Vessels
  • Remote Locations

The Challenge

  • Little or no internet access offshore or in remote locations
  • Rich eLearning content not viewable
  • Disc-based training provides no tracking

The Solution

  • A Remote-Access, Learning Management System- the offshore ConTrainer™.
  • Same excellent quality and Oilennium courses.
  • Suitable for very poor quality internet connections.
  • Deployed on drilling rigs, vessels and installation, plus remote geographical locations.
  • Tracks and records learner progress, globally, for supervisor or management reporting.