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Updated March 2019

Specialist Oil & Gas training courses from Oil & Gas experts


Bespoke/Tailor Made eLearning Courses

We work closely with our clients to produce 'Bespoke' or 'Tailor Made' eLearning courses to meet demanding training requirements and very specific needs.

Squeeze Cementing Packer

Content covered in Bespoke/Tailor Made courses may range from specific machinery operation and maintenance, through to content that is used to train the client's personnel how to use their own in-house software.

For example, In March 2013, Oilennium were asked to develop a bespoke eLearning solution for Asset Guardian, a company who have built a custom-built asset management system.

Originally, Asset Guardian wanted a sales tool to show to their potential clients the worth of their product.

asset gaurdian

Through the success of this tool, Asset Guardian commissioned Oilennium to create an 18 course suite, to act as an online manual and introduction to the software. Using state of the art video capturing software, Oilennium produced an in-depth guide to turn someone who had never used the software before, into a proficient and confident user.

What ever your needs, Oilennium will strive to meet them.  Please contact us for further information and we will be happy to provide you with demos and discuss your training requirements further.