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Updated March 2019

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Interactive Pig Launching Simulator

Interactive Pig Launching Simulator

This interactive exercise has been designed to train students to understand the principles behind pig launching operations. In order to complete this exercise, the student must successfully select, load and launch a pig from the launcher. To do this, the student will use a number of interactive controls that will enable them to carry out various processes associated with launching a pig. These include selecting the pig, filling the pig launcher, bleeding air out of the system and equalising the pressure across the main pipeline valve.

Approximate duration: 20 minutes.

The aim of this course is to teach you about the following:

  • Depressurising the launcher
  • Loading a pig into the launcher
  • Filling the launcher and successful bleeding of air from the launcher
  • Equalisation of pressure across the main valve
  • Launching a pig into the pipeline

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