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Updated March 2019

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Introduction to Permit to Work Systems (OSHA)

Without a regulated Permit to Work procedure, personnel, plant and the environment could be put at extreme risk. This course will look into what a Permit to Work is, the various types of permits available and how they are implemented within industry situations. The individual's responsibilities and their training requirements within a Permit to Work system are also discussed, as well as the importance of work planning.

Approximate duration: 25 minutes.

Introduction to Permit to Work Systems

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Explain what a Permit to Work is and what types there are
  • Describe your responsibilities when working under a permit
  • Summarize the importance of proper work planning and risk assessment
  • Identify the essential components of a successful Permit to Work
  • Outline the need for training in Permit to Work systems

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