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Updated March 2019

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Introduction to Forklift Truck Safety (OSHA)

“Forklift truck” describes a number of different types of mobile, self-propelled trucks used to lift, move and stack a wide range of goods and materials. Designed to reduce the need for manual lifting and carrying, they can still present a number of hazards. Not understanding the principles of forklift truck operations, operating a truck carelessly, using a defective forklift truck or using it for the wrong reasons can result in serious and even fatal injuries. This course aims to teach you about the safe operation of forklift trucks, and the hazards associated with using them.

Approximate duration: 30 minutes.

Introduction to Forklift Truck Safety

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize a variety of types and classifications of forklift truck,
  • Describe correct and safe forklift truck operation, and
  • Explain the training requirements and procedures.

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