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Updated March 2019

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7 - Completions

Introduction to Oil and Gas - CompletionsOnce a probable location of a reservoir has been found and an exploration well drilled and tested, we will be able to tell if the reservoir could produce hydrocarbons at an economic rate and if it contains a considerable amount for future production. Basically, the testing proves that the field is economically viable and worth investing the millions of dollars required to install a production facility, drill and complete new wells.

A production facility, which can range from a massive offshore structure to a simple onshore pipeline, would need to be built before we could go ahead and drill production wells and complete them. This module looks at the completion process.

Approximate duration: 40 minutes.

The aim of this course is to teach you about the following subjects:

  • How well completions provide the means to produce the hydrocarbons to surface
  • How reservoir and mechanical considerations govern completion design
  • The various different completion designs that may be utilised
  • The components that must be incorporated into the design to optimise production in a safe manner

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