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Updated March 2019

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Shell Life Saving Rules Induction

Shell Life Saving Rules Induction

These Life-Saving Rules have been selected because they represent those activities where non-compliance has the highest potential for death or serious injury. The Rules apply to everyone and all operations under Shell's control, they help to protect all of us and the communities in which we operate. The Life-Saving Rules set out clear and simple ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’, covering high risk activities. They help to ensure that rules are followed and people are protected. Because we are determined to save lives, the rules will be fully enforced, and those found to have broken a rule will face appropriate disciplinary action.

Approximate Duration: 25 Minutes

The aim of this course is to teach you about the following subjects:

  • Why we have 12 Life-Saving Rules
  • What they mean for you
  • Each of the Life-Saving Rules
  • The consequences of rule-breaking and how this will be handled
  • What the Rules mean for us

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