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Updated March 2019

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Mercury Awareness

Mercury is a naturally occurring heavy metal found in rocks, coal, soil, crude oil and natural gas. It is also present in the air in vapour form. Mercury is a neurotoxin and if the human body is exposed to it over a prolonged period, the neurological damage it does is irreversible.

This course is designed to raise awareness of the dangers mercury can pose. You will learn what mercury is and where it can be found, what results from exposure to mercury, the most common cause of exposure, the dangers of mercury in oil and gas processing and how to stay safe in the workplace.

Approximate duration: 35 minutes.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe what mercury is
  • Identify where mercury can be found
  • Describe how mercury exposure can occur
  • Outline the effects of exposure to mercury
  • Recognise how mercury can affect process equipment
  • List the precautions required when working with mercury
  • Describe the essential PPE when working with mercury
  • State where to find information on working with mercury
  • Describe what actions to take if exposed to mercury

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