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Updated March 2019

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Marine Debris Awareness

Marine Debris is classified as any object or fragment of wood, metal, glass, rubber, plastic, cloth, paper or any other man-made item or material that is lost or discarded in the marine environment.

Marine Debris poses very significant threats to wildlife, it causes costly delays and repairs for recreational boating interests, detracts from the aesthetic quality of recreational shore fronts and increases the cost of beach and park maintenance.

This course is designed to help you understand what constitutes marine debris, the consequences it has to marine life, how it affects the environment and the preventative measures we can take to help eliminate marine debris.

Approximate duration: 15 minutes.

The aim of this course is to teach you about the following subjects:

  • What constitutes marine debris
  • The legislative requirements regarding marine debris
  • The sources and common types of debris generated by the oil and gas industry
  • The consequences to marine life and environmental impacts of marine debris
  • The preventative measures to be taken to help eliminate marine debris

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