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Updated March 2019

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Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness

Hydrogen Sulphide AwarenessHydrogen Sulphide, or H2S, is a colourless, highly flammable and highly toxic gas, which is a common by-product found in many different industries. Accumulating in low lying areas, it may go unnoticed. In high doses, one breath can kill instantly. This course is designed to increase your awareness of how H2S is formed and where it can be found. It will also show how you can protect yourself from exposure and give advice about what to do if an emergency should occur in your workplace.

Approximate duration: 35 minutes.

The aim of this course is to teach you about the following subjects:

  • What Hydrogen Sulphide is
  • The different ways H2S is formed
  • The places you may find H2S
  • The dangers that H2S can present
  • How to mitigate the risks associated with H2S

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