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Updated March 2019

Specialist Oil & Gas training courses from Oil & Gas experts


Competence Management with SkillsVX

By combining the SkillsVX Competence Management System with the power and deliverability of Oilennium’s eLearning courses, employers are now offered a true blended learning and training management solution for their entire global workforce.

SkillsVX identifies, tracks and exposes skills gaps. This gives both you and your employees the power to maintain training requirements, certification and competencies specific to each trade.

Identifying gaps in your workforce’s competency, managing the training budgets and having the ability to plan training in advance are all possible with the new SkillsVX and Oilennium integrated system.

  • Assurance of competence and compliance
  • Budgeting and procurement of training
  • Integrated with Oilennium’s Learning Management System
  • Optimised for low bandwidth
  • Persons On Board, time writing
  • Strategic worldwide development


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