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Updated March 2019

Specialist Oil & Gas training courses from Oil & Gas experts


Benefits of eLearning

Oilennium’s eLearning courses offer a cost effective and consistent alternative to classroom training. Our eLearning courses are accessible across a range of locations, meaning that all users get the same high quality training experience regardless of where they are based.

 The main benefits of eLearning include: 

  • Highly engaging content delivery
  • Strong rates of knowledge retention
  • Lower costs
  • Quicker delivery
  • Courses can be taken multiple times to reinforce learning
  • Courses are accessible 24/7
  • Consistent, high quality training delivered to all staff
  • Easy user management and feedback via a Learning Management System (LMS)

Using a range of specially created 3D graphics, animations and interactions, each course delivers an easy to follow, visually engaging experience for the learner, while frequent Knowledge Checks and Final Exams confirm and reinforce what they have learnt.

Our unique ConTrainer system also allows us to offer the same quality eLearning experience in locations with little or no internet connectivity.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1508 522700 to find out how eLearning could meet your training needs.