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Updated March 2019

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Instructor Led Courses

Some people may think that Instructor Led Courses (also known as ILT's) are losing ground to eLearning and to some extent this is true. That is partly because it is far easier and more cost effective to train a global workforce online. However, as we describe in 'Blended Learning' there is a place for all forms of learning and good instructor led courses can be argued to be the best for most people.

blended learning

However, consider that for a moment: GOOD Instructor Led Training! Our industry is plagued by poor instructors delivering even worse content. 'Death by Bullet Point' is a term you will often hear. At Oilennium we've changed all that. Using the multi-media and advanced learning techniques we developed for our eLearning we have also enhanced classroom courses.

Instructors no longer need to read out each bullet point on screen - because there aren't any - well at least not many. We have changed the text for images and animations, making the classroom training come alive. The Instructors AND Learners both enjoy the experience far more than before.